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S.No. Organization Problem Statement Title Category PS Number Submitted Idea(s) Count Domain Bucket
1 Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers International Comparative System to Launch Integrated Real-Time Data Management System (IDMS) for Chemical and Petrochemicals Sector. Software SIH1278 2 Miscellaneous
2 Ministry of Law and Justice Development of software for streamlining the listing of cases through Differentiated Case Flow Management Software SIH1279 7 Miscellaneous
3 Ministry of Law and Justice Development of e-Portal for facilitating Case Management Hearing of various types of cases Software SIH1280 12 Miscellaneous
4 Ministry of Law and Justice Development of gamified platform on Children's Rights to increase legal literacy and awareness among children in India Software SIH1281 41 Smart Education
5 Ministry of Law and Justice Tech-Driven Solutions for Undertrial Prisoners in India Software SIH1282 3 Miscellaneous
6 Ministry of Law and Justice Digital Assistant for Legal Awareness and Designing a KYR Know-Your-Rights framework in India Software SIH1283 16 Smart Education
7 Ministry of Law and Justice Developing a Blockchain-Based eVault for Legal Records Software SIH1284 21 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
8 Ministry of Law and Justice AI-powered Legal Documentation Assistant Software SIH1285 15 Miscellaneous
9 Ministry of Law and Justice Incentives based Design for onboarding Legal Service Providers such as Advocates, Arbitrators, Mediators, Notaries, Document Writers, etc on eMarket Place for extending Legal Services to Citizens in India Software SIH1286 22 Miscellaneous
10 Ministry of Jal Shakti Use of Digital Technology to calculate water footprints for different daily use items. Software SIH1287 9 Clean & Green Technology
11 Ministry of Jal Shakti Use of Digital Technology in addressing Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Software SIH1288 4 Clean & Green Technology
12 Ministry of Jal Shakti Projection of the extent of inundation corresponding to the forecasts of flood levels in a river. Software SIH1289 1 Disaster Management
13 Ministry of Jal Shakti Development of AI, ML and Chat boat-powered Interactive Robot Mascot (Chacha Chaudhary) and digital avatar to strengthen the river people connect component of Namami Gange. Software SIH1290 4 Smart Education
14 Ministry of Jal Shakti A mobile app that crowd sources water-related problems from around a community, open sources data, etc. and display them on a map. Software SIH1291 16 Disaster Management
15 Ministry of Jal Shakti AI-enabled water well predictor Software SIH1292 7 Clean & Green Technology
16 Ministry of Jal Shakti Automatic regulation of valves for release of water based upon soil moisture availability in the root zone of the crop, using artificial intelligence, in a piped and micro irrigation network of irrigation system. Hardware SIH1293 45 Agriculture, FoodTech & Rural Development
17 Ministry of Jal Shakti Estimation of inflow to a reservoir from the rainfall considering soil moisture in its catchment and releases from upstream reservoirs and automatically opening of reservoir gates for moderately releasing the water to avoid the flooding in a basin. Hardware SIH1294 5 Disaster Management
18 Ministry of power Dashboard for real-time monitoring of construction projects. Software SIH1295 8 Transportation & Logistics
19 Ministry of power Al-based Generative design of Hydro power plants. Software SIH1296 5 Renewable / Sustainable Energy
20 Ministry of power Al Based Drone Application Software SIH1297 10 Robotics and Drones
21 Ministry of power Monitoring through Al Based Remote Access Vehicle Hardware SIH1298 16 Smart Vehicles
22 Ministry of power Developing an AI-powered energy management system for industrial commercial facilities to optimize energy consumption. Hardware SIH1299 11 Smart Automation
23 Ministry of power Automated Public Lighting Hardware SIH1300 49 Smart Automation
24 Ministry of power Language translator tool to convert English to Hindi (official Language) which can be used by all the government organizations websites officially. Software SIH1301 10 Smart Automation
25 Ministry of Power Design of CYBER-SECURITY ENABLED SMART CONTROLLER for grid-connected Microgrid Software SIH1302 2 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
26 Government of Punjab PGRKAM web application ( and the PGRKAM Android application of the Punjab Government provides employment data to the prospective candidates. Software SIH1303 0 Miscellaneous
27 Government of Punjab PGRKAM web application ( and the PGRKAM Android application of the Punjab Government provides employment data to the prospective candidates. The platform has a sizeable number of user base but it lacks integrated analytics tools to understand how the users are consuming the information. Software SIH1304 1 Miscellaneous
28 Government of Punjab The Employment Department at present has a digital platform and its mobile application to provide almost all services offered to job seekers and employers through digital means. The portal has multiple modules like private sector jobs, government jobs, self-employment avenues, foreign jobs, foreign study, counseling, guidance, induction into armed forces, job melas, etc. Currently, when a user visits the portal/app, there is no hand-holding mechanism to help the user get to the part of the digital platform which will resolve his queries. The user is required to navigate across multiple modules on the portal/ app to search for answers. Software SIH1305 3 Smart Automation
29 Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Active Prosthetic ankle and adaptive equipment for bike riding in lower limb amputees Hardware SIH1306 4 MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech
30 Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Computerized cognitive Retraining Program for Home training of Children with Disabilities. Software SIH1307 11 MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech
31 Ministry of Home Affairs Threat zone of an explosion particularly in oil and gas handling industries or refineries Software SIH1308 3 Disaster Management
32 Ministry of Textiles Application Development for monitoring of wool from Farm to fabric Software SIH1309 12 Transportation & Logistics
33 Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways Drone-based surveillance system for the vessels plying in port areas and encroachments Hardware SIH1310 10 Robotics and Drones
34 Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways Dredging Analysis and Decision Support System. Software SIH1311 2 Transportation & Logistics
35 Ministry of coal Chatbot to respond to text queries pertaining to various Acts, Rules, and Regulations applicable to Mining industries Software SIH1312 23 Smart Automation
36 Ministry of coal A system of IoT Devices to prevent under-loading / overloading of Railway wagons. Hardware SIH1313 13 Transportation & Logistics
37 Ministry of coal Real-time visibility of Dumper load status to Shovel operator Software SIH1314 0 Smart Automation
38 Ministry of coal Development of a Telematic control unit for capturing vital data of a vehicle without using company fitted telemetry data port. Hardware SIH1315 6 Smart Vehicles
39 Ministry of coal Application of Image Analytics for Tree enumeration for diversion of Forest Land. Software SIH1316 3 Miscellaneous
40 Ministry of coal Development of a Digital Platform for multi-modal visibility of coal transportation Software SIH1317 4 Smart Automation
41 Ministry of coal Analytics based on Govt. Land Information System(GLIS) Data Software SIH1318 1 Agriculture, FoodTech & Rural Development
42 Ministry of coal Forecasting and scheduling of railway rakes. Software SIH1319 3 Smart Automation
43 Ministry of coal In-cab smart guidance and support system for Dragline Operator Software SIH1320 0 Smart Vehicles
44 Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers Compilation and Collection of optimum Level (variable) of data set from the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries in the country, aiming to smoothen the decision-making and insight generation in the strategic initiative. Software SIH1321 1 Smart Automation
45 Government of Kerala Domestic Waste Management Software SIH1322 37 Clean & Green Technology
46 Government of Kerala Development of Smart Toilet Hardware SIH1323 19 MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech
47 Government of Kerala Air and water quality index and environment monitoring Software SIH1324 21 Agriculture, FoodTech & Rural Development
48 Government of Kerala AI Assisted Tele-medicine KIOSK for Rural India Software SIH1325 15 Agriculture, FoodTech & Rural Development
49 Government of Kerala Ideate and implement a system to enhance the quality of education in rural areas. Software SIH1326 25 Smart Education
50 Government of Kerala Developing a system for Patient Care in the Health Sector Hardware SIH1327 15 Robotics and Drones
51 Ministry of Jal Shakti Call for cost-effective ways of making water source for piped drinking water supply sustainable in Rural areas Hardware SIH1328 3 Renewable / Sustainable Energy
52 Ministry of Information and Broadcasting 360-degree feedback software for the Government of India related News Stories in Regional Media using Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Software SIH1329 7 Smart Automation
53 Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Text to Video of various PIB Press Releases using Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Generative Adversarial Networks in English and 13 Regional Languages viz. Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Odia, Bengali, Assamese and Manipuri. Software SIH1330 7 Smart Automation
54 Ministry of Information and Broadcasting A complete Digital Marketing solution for visible increase in online sale of DPD’s journals and Employment News issues through various available/new online sale channels (like website, apps , amazon, social media) by optimising various available or new digital marketing tools like email marketing, SEO, analytics, etc., subject to suitability, sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Software SIH1331 0 Miscellaneous
55 Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant Hot metal, Steel Ladle, and Scrap pot Tracking by auto-capturing the Ladle number and locations at SMS-1 and SMS-2. Software SIH1332 0 Transportation & Logistics
56 Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Udyog Saarthi App - (Progressive Web-based Application) for Adults undergoing Job coaching for opportunities under 4% reservation in NIEPMD and other Institutions. Software SIH1333 8 Smart Automation
57 Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Software for intervention of speech sound disorders in Hindi and English. Software SIH1334 6 Smart Education
58 Ministry of Mines Dificulty in operating Heavy earth moving machineries during rainy season (4-5 months due to extremely poor visibility conditions leading to significant loss of excavation and production Hardware SIH1335 3 Transportation & Logistics
59 Ministry of Mines Mines operation specially haulage of dumphers done through operators extended even in the absense in adequacy of operators. Hardware SIH1336 0 Miscellaneous
60 Ministry of Mines unpredictable wear and tear of cable belt conveyor Rope and belt leading to frequent stoppage of single line Mine production system causing significant loss of production Hardware SIH1337 1 Miscellaneous
61 Ministry of Mines Unpredictable failure of poly pulleys along cable belt conveyor system for pulley changing Software SIH1338 1 Transportation & Logistics
62 Ministry of Mines Automation of drill core rock sample lithology logging. Software SIH1339 1 Transportation & Logistics
63 Ministry of AYUSH Application for Assessment of Quality of Textbook/ Reference Books/ E- Book Software SIH1340 3 Smart Education
64 Ministry of AYUSH PG dissertation Management System Description. Software SIH1341 3 Smart Education
65 Ministry of AYUSH Development of a prototype instrument (sensor based) for assessment and quantification of rasas (taste) in crude herbs. Software SIH1342 0 MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech
66 Ministry of AYUSH Identification of Different Medicinal Plants/Raw materials through Image Processing Using Machine Learning Algorithms Software SIH1343 39 MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech
67 Ministry of AYUSH Al-based tool for preliminary diagnosis of Dermatological manifestations Software SIH1344 19 MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech
68 Ministry of AYUSH Startup-AYUSH Portal Software SIH1345 8 MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech
69 Ministry of AYUSH Chatbot to Known Individual Prakriti (Phenotype) Software SIH1346 10 MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech
70 Ministry of AYUSH A software that suggests drugs and formulations for a disease/pharmacological property based on the Ayurvedic classical books/Repositories. Software SIH1347 23 MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech
71 Ministry of Railways Natural language translation engine for announcements and information dissemination at stations Software SIH1348 8 Smart Automation
72 Ministry of Railways Using existing CCTV network for crowd management, crime prevention, and work monitoring using AIiML Software SIH1349 25 Smart Automation
73 Government of Jammu and Kashmir Artificial Intelligence Driven Digitization of Cadastral Maps Software SIH1350 0 Smart Automation
74 Government of Jammu and Kashmir Digital Generator Monitoring Diesel generators are widely used as backup power sources in industries, homes, and remote locations Software SIH1351 2 Smart Automation
75 Government of Jammu and Kashmir Traditional agriculture practices lack real-time monitoring and efficient operation on fields This leads to inefficiencies and low production levels. Software SIH1352 10 Agriculture, FoodTech & Rural Development
76 Government of Jammu and Kashmir Innovative Solution for Reducing ATandC Losses due to Power Pilferage in Electrical Sector Hardware SIH1353 4 Smart Automation
77 Government of Jammu and Kashmir Using technology to develop a moving/mobile education system/software or equipment so that the children of nomadic communities such as Bakarwals /Gujjars can have proper education at least till primary. Software SIH1354 7 Smart Education
78 Government of Jammu and Kashmir Developing solutions to effective market linkage and promotion of One District One Product. Software SIH1355 20 Heritage & Culture
79 Ministry of Commerce and Industries Sentiment Analysis of Incoming calls on helpdesk Software SIH1356 3 Miscellaneous
80 Ministry of Commerce and Industries Sentiment analysis of Social Media presence Software SIH1357 8 Miscellaneous
81 Ministry of Commerce and Industries Image correctness for a product on marketplace Software SIH1358 3 Miscellaneous
82 Ministry of Commerce and Industries Contact center knowledge management tool with decision tree Software SIH1359 1 Smart Automation
83 Ministry of Commerce and Industries Price comparison of GeM products with other e-marketplaces Software SIH1360 9 Smart Automation
84 Government of Gujarat Development of Small Scale Wind energy device Hardware SIH1361 21 Renewable / Sustainable Energy
85 Government of Gujarat Student dropout analysis for school education Software SIH1362 18 Smart Education
86 Government of Gujarat Self-identifying the mental health status and get guidance for support. Software SIH1363 31 Fitness & Sports
87 Government of Gujarat Fake Social Media Profile detection and reporting Software SIH1364 29 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
88 Government of Gujarat Online Blockchain based certificate generation and validation system for government organization. Software SIH1365 11 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
89 Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Centralised Nasha Mukti Database Software SIH1366 1 Miscellaneous
90 Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment To develop a technical solution for enabling Institution level verification of students of one State studying in other State/s, who are at present generally denied benefits under the Scholarship scheme as the Institutions in which they are studying are not registered on the portal/s of their home State. Software SIH1367 5 Smart Education
91 Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Despite prohibition of hazardous cleaning of sewers and septic tanks (manual cleaningof sewers and septic tanks without safety kits, safety devices and without adherence tosafety precautions) it is still being resorted to in many parts of the country. Hardware SIH1368 6 Smart Automation
92 Government of Jharkhand Online integrated platform for projects taken up by the students of various universities/colleges Software SIH1369 30 Smart Education
93 Government of Jharkhand Real time monitoring of infrastructure development Software SIH1370 6 Smart Automation
94 Government of Jharkhand Community Based Reporting and Monitoring Tool for Women's Safety in Colleges/Universities. Software SIH1371 11 Miscellaneous
95 Government of Jharkhand development of systems for effective Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Intervention in Higher Education Software SIH1372 1 Renewable / Sustainable Energy
96 Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying One-stop solution for monitoring dairy plant energy consumption, hygiene and packaging waste collection from consumers. Hardware SIH1373 3 Agriculture, FoodTech & Rural Development
97 Ministry of Power Cloudburst prediction system Software SIH1374 6 Disaster Management
98 Ministry of Power Geo tagging of plantation in the catchment area of hydro project Hardware SIH1375 3 Agriculture, FoodTech & Rural Development
99 Ministry of Power Robotics for inspection of abrasion / corrosion of underwater equipment / parts and further repair and maintainance Hardware SIH1376 2 Robotics and Drones
100 Ministry of Power Creation of Live Digital Twins for the power Projects and integration with all existing monitoring and database system which will give a holistic real time approach to the project and plant from all aspect of construction, operation and maintenance. Software SIH1377 0 Smart Automation
101 Ministry of Power Segregating and information on regulatory / Gofi. PolicieVGuidelines/Office Memorauda etc. related to Contract and Procurement issues for proper compliance and reporting of the same. Software SIH1378 0 Miscellaneous
102 Ministry of Power Vegetation measurement along the line corridor using satellite imagery Software SIH1379 0 Agriculture, FoodTech & Rural Development
103 Ministry of Power lntelligent chatbot to answer queries pertaining to various Maintenance Processes within Substation Software SIH1380 1 Smart Education
104 Ministry of Power Analysis and identification of malicious mobile applications Software SIH1381 8 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
105 Govt of Himachal Pradesh Real-Time Vehicle Tracking system. Software SIH1382 44 Smart Vehicles
106 Govt of Himachal Pradesh Optimizing Doctor Availability and Appointment Allocation in Hospitals through Digital Technology and Al Integration. Software SIH1383 40 MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech
107 Ministry of Commerce and Industries Developing an interactive gaming software / mobile application on Inteliectual Property Awareness for school students Software SIH1384 11 Smart Education
108 Ministry of Commerce and Industries Developing a software that can translate resource material and other texts from English to other Indian regional languages. Software SIH1385 7 Smart Education
109 Ministry of Commerce and Industries Developing a software for dubbing of videos from English to other Indian regional languages. Software SIH1386 4 Smart Education
110 Ministry of power Detection of embedded Malware/ Trojan in hardware devices used in Power Sector. Hardware SIH1387 0 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
111 Ministry of power Detection of Malwarei Trojan in softwares used in Power Sector. Software SIH1388 1 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
112 Ministry of power To develop centralised information security .Log-collection facility' or 'security operation centre (soc)' in the power sector, considering cEA cybersecurity (Power sector) Guidelines, 2021to keep lr and or networking System isolated and air-gapped. Software SIH1389 1 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
113 Ministry of Environment Pro Planet Person App Software SIH1390 8 Clean & Green Technology
114 Ministry of Environment Behavioural change monitoring software Software SIH1391 0 Smart Automation
115 Ministry of Environment E-Waste Facility Locator Software SIH1392 29 Smart Automation
116 Ministry of Environment Water and Electricity Tracking App Software SIH1393 7 Smart Automation
117 Ministry of Environment Virtual Zoo Software SIH1394 9 Smart Education
118 Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises IoT based sensors can be used to determine the Machine Runtime Software SIH1395 7 Agriculture, FoodTech & Rural Development
119 Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Developing Virtual Reality based solutions Software SIH1396 2 Disaster Management
120 Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development of business models for collection and utilization of single usc plastics and various other industrial wastes Software SIH1397 4 MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech
121 Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises lntegration and Utilization of data-based being maintained by various Ministries/Departments for better utilization of raw materials and production capacity. Software SIH1398 4 Agriculture, FoodTech & Rural Development
122 Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development of Technology for manufacturing of mind control BIONIC hand with a sense of touch Hardware SIH1399 5 MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech
123 Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Uncontrolled growth of water Hyacinth in lakes Hardware SIH1400 12 Agriculture, FoodTech & Rural Development
124 Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises App-Based Solution to identify and solve disease in plants/crops Software SIH1401 54 Agriculture, FoodTech & Rural Development
125 Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Ear Electronic Device for Tinnitus Frequency Finding and Adjusting to Provide Relief to Tinnitus Suffering Patient Software SIH1402 1 MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech
126 Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment APP Based Digital Audiometer Software SIH1403 4 MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech
127 Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Low-cost Myoelectric Prosthetic Arm Hardware SIH1404 7 MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech
128 Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Develop therapy materials in Hindi for misarticulation children Software SIH1405 0 MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech
129 Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Development of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) in Indian context Hardware SIH1406 3 MedTech / BioTech / HealthTech
130 Ministry of Home Affairs Chatbot based helpdesk for govt employees and departments Software SIH1407 6 Smart Automation
131 Ministry of Home Affairs IT System log analyzer Software SIH1408 2 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
132 Ministry of Home Affairs AI based IT training system Software SIH1409 3 Smart Education
133 Ministry of Home Affairs Augmented/ Virtual reality system for the live training of troops Software SIH1410 3 Smart Automation
134 Ministry of Home Affairs Simulator system for counter Hijack and sky Marshalling operations Software SIH1411 0 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
135 Ministry of Home Affairs Data Compression for backbone network Software SIH1412 1 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
136 Ministry of Communications Dak Ghar Niryat Kendra Software SIH1413 4 Transportation & Logistics
137 Ministry of Defence Drone based Intelligent Magnetic sensing system and Metallic anomaly detection system Hardware SIH1414 6 Miscellaneous
138 Ministry of Defence Development of motion amplification video techniques for vibration analysis Software SIH1415 1 Smart Automation
139 Ministry of Defence AI based Automatic alarm generation and dropping of payload at a particular object through a Drone. Software SIH1416 8 Disaster Management
140 Ministry of Defence AI-ML based intelligent de-smoking/de-hazing algorithm Software SIH1417 5 Disaster Management
141 Ministry of Defence Deep learning for terrain recognition Software SIH1418 7 Miscellaneous
142 Ministry of Defence Robust human target detection and acquisition Software SIH1419 5 Miscellaneous
143 Ministry of Defence Lean module for reasoning about computational complexity in GPTs. Software SIH1420 0 Miscellaneous
144 Ministry of Defence Novel Technologies for Early Detection and Mitigation of Avalanches Software SIH1421 2 Disaster Management
145 Ministry of Defence Devise the method for identification of victims buried under avalanches. Software SIH1422 0 Disaster Management
146 Ministry of Jal Shakti Web /Mobile based tool for mapping of Water supply network Software SIH1423 4 Miscellaneous
147 Ministry of Jal Shakti Call for low-cost desalination technology for Lakshadweep and Inland saline water sources. Hardware SIH1424 1 Miscellaneous
148 Ministry of Jal Shakti Technological solutions for Early decomposition of fecal matter Hardware SIH1425 0 Miscellaneous
149 Ministry of Jal Shakti Technological solutions for safe disposal of menstrual waste Hardware SIH1426 10 Miscellaneous
150 Ministry of Jal Shakti Call for Toilet technology Hardware SIH1427 1 Miscellaneous
151 Ministry of Rural Development AR/VR based application which helps visualize the complete house virtually at an early stage, which can help in cost estimation, planning and completion of the house in time' Software SIH1428 9 Smart Automation
152 Ministry of Rural Development Develop a solution to identifo discrepancies in Quality Monitoring Data on OMMAS and generate reports that highlight areas where corrective action is Required. Software SIH1429 1 Smart Automation
153 Ministry of Education Lowest Cost Smart Board - A Seamless Teaching Experience. Hardware SIH1430 1 Smart Education
154 Ministry of Education Online personalized learning remediation/tutoring tool. Search for best teacher for specific topics. Software SIH1431 12 Smart Education
155 Ministry of Education Identify slow learners for remedial teaching and capacity building for innovative methods. Software SIH1432 14 Smart Education
156 Ministry of Education Mental health and well-being surveillance, assessment and tracking solution among children. Software SIH1433 19 Smart Education
157 Ministry of Education Making career choices and AI based counselling accessible to every child at secondary level along with aptitude tests and detailed career paths. Software SIH1434 20 Smart Education
158 Ministry of Rural Development Developing an algotithim / programme to measure increase in income of FPOs on account of project interventions under WDC 2.0. Software SIH1435 1 Agriculture, FoodTech & Rural Development
159 Ministry of Rural Development Number of persons benefitted from using the Water Harvesting Structures (WHS) created / rejuvenated in the project areas under WDC 2.0 for economic activities like fisheries etc for alternate source of income generation. Software SIH1436 0 Agriculture, FoodTech & Rural Development
160 Ministry of Rural Development Development of suitable Software and Hardware components/sensors for springshed mapping, monitoring and management. Software SIH1437 0 Agriculture, FoodTech & Rural Development
161 Ministry of Home Affairs Virtual Reality-Based Training for CBRN Disaster Response Software SIH1438 3 Disaster Management
162 Ministry of Home Affairs Robotics Device for Borewell Rescue Operation Hardware SIH1439 15 Disaster Management
163 Ministry of Home Affairs An application under which all rescue agencies are registered and which can display the location of other rescue relief agencies during natural/ man made calamities Software SIH1440 36 Disaster Management
164 Bajaj Finserv Health Ltd. Similar Document Template Matching Algorithm Software SIH1441 5 Miscellaneous
165 Autodesk Students to use Autodesk Fusion 360 to research and redesign a conventional automotive component commonly found in vehicles and utilize generative design to reimagine its design. For additional information and detailed problem statement, please visit: Hardware SIH1442 4 Smart Vehicles
166 Autodesk Students to use Autodesk Fusion 360 to research and to generate NC code with machine details & tool library for any industrial component. For additional information and detailed problem statement, please visit: Hardware SIH1443 1 Smart Automation
167 Autodesk Students to use Autodesk Fusion 360 to research and develop a design on “Smart Glass Cleaning Robot”, which can climb, clean, and carry liquid cleaners. For additional information and detailed problem statement, please visit: Software SIH1444 5 Robotics and Drones
168 National Technical Research Organisation,(NTRO) De-anonymisation for monitoring and tracking of illegal activities performed using cryptocurrency transaction technology Software SIH1445 1 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
169 National Technical Research Organisation,(NTRO) Developing a GUI based hardening script for Ubuntu operating system with flexibility to cater for organisational security policies Software SIH1446 3 Miscellaneous
170 National Technical Research Organisation,(NTRO) Identification and Extraction of Forward Error Correction (FEC) schemes of unknown demodulated signals Software SIH1447 1 Miscellaneous
171 National Technical Research Organisation,(NTRO) Design of RF Up/Down-converter for signals using GNU Radio and SDRs. Hardware SIH1448 1 Miscellaneous
172 National Technical Research Organisation,(NTRO) Design, develop and implement a software bill of materials (SBOM) generation tool that can generate the complete SBOM of custom-developed software (including in-house developments by organisations) Software SIH1449 0 Smart Automation
173 National Technical Research Organisation,(NTRO) Develop and deploy a Large Language Model (LLM) based tool for generating human like responses to natural language inputs for network not connected over internet Software SIH1450 5 Smart Automation
174 National Technical Research Organisation,(NTRO) Develop a AI/ML tool to detect whether a system / firewall /router / network is compromised. The technique should not rely only on IoCs (Indicators of Compromises) detection. Software SIH1451 1 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
175 National Technical Research Organisation,(NTRO) Develop Ransomware Readiness Assessment tool. Software SIH1452 2 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
176 National Technical Research Organisation,(NTRO) Investigation of vulnerabilities in implementation of crypto library used by OpenVPN for Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), IPV6 deployment. Software SIH1453 0 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
177 National Technical Research Organisation,(NTRO) Create an intelligent system using AI/ML to detect phishing domains which imitate look and feel of genuine domains Software SIH1454 28 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
178 National Technical Research Organisation,(NTRO) Efficient enumeration of URLs of active hidden servers over anonymous channel (TOR) Software SIH1455 3 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
179 National Technical Research Organisation,(NTRO) Speech to text transcription for Indian languages. The problem entails transcription in the native script and then translation to English. The languages of interest are Hindi, Indian English, Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi. Software SIH1456 5 Miscellaneous
180 MathWorks India Private Limited Get Fit Faster with a High-Tech Tracker: Analyze Human Activity and GPS Data for Improved Results Software SIH1457 1 Smart Automation
181 AICTE AI Based - Designing of Assistive portal for Stakeholders in Approval Process Software SIH1458 0 Miscellaneous
182 AICTE Integration of Multiple Data-bases of AICTE in order to fetch Coherent Information Software SIH1459 1 Miscellaneous
183 AICTE Integration of AI for Adaptive Learning for MCQ Selection in PARAKH Software SIH1460 4 Smart Automation
184 AICTE Cybersecurity Portal for Effective Management of Servers and Firewalls Software SIH1461 1 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
185 Ministry of Home Affairs Awareness and Preparedness Towards Disaster Management Software SIH1462 2 Disaster Management
186 AICTE Establishing a Server log system for E-governance with appropriate notification and content based classification of log AICTE Software SIH1463 0 Miscellaneous
187 AICTE Design and Developed a personalized online meeting system for AICTE Software SIH1464 9 Blockchain & Cybersecurity
188 AICTE A unified portal for developing a model Curriculum for all the AICTE Approved Institutes Software SIH1465 8 Miscellaneous
189 AICTE, MIC-Student Innovation Student Innovation