Total Problem Statement(s) (Software) : 258      Total Problem Statement(s) (Hardware) : 95
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Logo Organization Problem Statement Title Category PS Number Domain Bucket
CDK Global Vehicle Maintenance Index- In Today’s world with so many cars, models in the market, it is hard to find out which car has a high maintenance cost/index that is authentic source. Software RA24 Smart Vehicles
CDK Global Better and faster emergency care during accidents and vehicle impact. Software RA25 Smart Communication
CDK Global Geo Tracking of Waste and Triggering Alerts and Mapping Areas with High Waste Index Software RA26 Waste Management
CDK Global Portal for Farmers to sell the produce at a better rate Software RA27 Agriculture and Rural Development
CDK Global Crop Guidance and Farmers Friend • Problem Title : Helping the farmers in terms of Crop suggestion, precautions based on the met department forecast of rain fall / weather, potential pest attacks , weather warnings etc. Software RA28 Agriculture and Rural Development
MIXORG Create an affordable solution through image processing of number plates of vehicles for the detection, identification and monitoring of vehicles in different senarios such as residential societies, tolls, business complex, parking spaces etc. Software CB31 Security & Surveillance
Great Learning Attention Span Detection in Online Instructor Led Sessions Software GL32 Smart Education
Bajaj Fin Serv Gamification for Health data collection Software CH46 Healthcare & Biomedical Devices
Bajaj Fin Serv Lab Report Digitization / OCR Software VA47 Healthcare & Biomedical Devices
GE Healthcare Early Prediction of Sepsis from Clinical Data Software UP49 Healthcare & Biomedical Devices